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Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG

Telegram каналынын логотиби dolphymoneyteameng — Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG D
Telegram каналынын логотиби dolphymoneyteameng — Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG
Канал дареги: @dolphymoneyteameng
Категориялар: Бизнес
Тил: main.Kirgizian
Абоненттер: 5.01K
Каналдан сүрөттөмө

DMT - is a limited collection of 8888 unique 3D Dolphins, each of that NFT is access to the closed crypto community of the TON blockchain.
Founder: @KeepitTon
Co-founder: @Micallef
Support: @dmtsupport

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2022-09-06 18:31:55 Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG pinned a photo
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2022-09-06 18:31:31
Hello Dolphins!

The long-awaited open boxes will be very soon, but will pass without an announcement.

- Why no announcement?

Because from the moment this post was published until the opening of the boxes, we are announcing a contest-competition. TON wallet from which the largest number of Dolphy Money Team NFT boxes were bought on the marketplace receives a personal NFT created according to his personal sketches, which will be added to the collection under his unique name DMT VIP.

Good luck to all!
134 views15:31
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2022-09-01 14:10:06 Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG pinned a photo
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2022-09-01 12:38:42
Hello Dolphins!

Our team is done with rendering unique Dolphys for our friends, partners and major holders. All arts under their individual names are collected in a separate collection called
Dolphy Money Team «VIP». Happy owners - check your wallets. You can get acquainted with the collection on our beloved marketplace

On this occasion, we decided to arrange a competition among our subscribers, where the reward will be a unique Dolphy created according to the winner's sketch. Put thumbs up if you like this contest.
293 views09:38
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2022-08-21 20:12:08 Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG pinned a photo
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2022-08-21 20:11:04
Hello Dolphins!

While you are waiting for the reveal, we are preparing a lot of interesting things for you. In the next posts, we will tell you how the first market with TON DMT merch will work and what bonuses Dolphy holders will receive

In the meantime, some statistics...
During the month, over 100 transactions were made on the secondary market through and more than 400 through p2p sales, and this is a total of 500+ sales!
Dolphy Money Team in a boring bear market entered the top 10 collections in terms of sales.
We think this is a great result!

We have also prepared a channel for you to conveniently monitor sales of the secondary market, fly in @DMT_Secondary_Market
1.5K views17:11
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2022-08-16 14:37:26 Dolphy Money Team | DMT ENG pinned a photo
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2022-08-16 14:37:17
Hello Dolphins!

We decided to remind you about our chats. There you can chat on various topics in anticipation of the reveal, which will be very soon

— Chat holders: @DMT_verify_bot

- Whale Chat (from ten dolphins): @DMT_Prime_Bot

— General chat for newcomers:
2.0K views11:37
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2022-08-14 20:07:25
Delphinium Places: Snow Quarry

Everything new is well forgotten old.

The Lost of the Northern Hemisphere earn more than just mining crystals in the Frozen waterfall. Another way to make money is to dig. In the Snow Quarry, it was sometimes possible to find long-forgotten technologies that helped in the development of the Golden Axis. For example, ancient capsules, which are called Sarcophagi there

Due to the fact that education is well developed only within the Golden Axis, the northern inhabitants themselves are unable to understand these devices.

All resources from excavations and mines are taken out on the inhabitants of the Delphinium, whose intelligence is lower than delphinoids - pets. They are used both for transportation and for movement over long distances

Pets are an integral part of the Delphinium, because without them it would be much more difficult to survive.
1.9K views17:07
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2022-08-11 11:28:48
Hello Dolphins!

While the reveal is being prepared, we will tell you about a couple of news

In parallel, work is underway on the clothing market. From it, as you already know, holders will be able to receive passive income

A Metaverse multi-chain site is also being prepared. You already know about our plans for the metaverse, we talked about them in this post. The website is another step towards bringing this idea to life

Can't wait to find out after the reveal which dolphin you got?
927 viewsedited  08:28
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